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From preconception to the postpartum period, the women’s health professionals at the Ocala, Florida area women’s health clinic, M. DelCharco Jr., MD, LLC, are dedicated to providing superior quality care. Come see us to discuss your prenatal care plan with one of our compassionate providers.

Prenatal Care Q & A

M DelCharco Jr., MD, LLC

What is involved in prenatal care?

Prenatal care is the health care you receive during pregnancy. It should start at the moment you begin planning to become pregnant and continue up until delivery. Your health care plan will be devised by your doctor or women’s health care provider, and you should follow it carefully. This plan will include various tests and checkups required to determine the health of your baby.

Why is prenatal care important?

Women whose babies don’t receive prenatal care are three times as likely to be born with a low birth weight and five times as likely to die. The ultimate goal of prenatal care is to support the health of both baby and mommy. Prenatal care is directed at detecting and treating any complications of your pregnancy as soon as possible to minimize any lasting damage to you or your baby. As soon as you suspect that you are pregnant, or when you decide to start trying to conceive, you should visit your health care provider for prenatal care.

What can I expect during my first prenatal care visits?

During your first trimester, prenatal care will include blood tests, a physical examination, and discussions with your doctor about lifestyle habits that you need to start or stop for a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor will want information about your medical and gynecological history, your menstrual cycle, your family history, your lifestyle habits such as alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine use, in addition to the prescription and over-the-counter medications you take.

Initial visits will also include an estimate of your due date, screen tests for fetal abnormalities, and education about what to expect during the early stages of your pregnancy. Our office does traditional ultrasounds as well as the latest 4-D ultrasounds that feature a live video of your developing baby. Contact our office for your prenatal care visit to enjoy a healthy pregnancy from start to finish.

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