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Taking care of yourself after the baby is born, known as postpartum care, is important for optimal health and wellness. When you deliver your baby with Dr. DelCharco and the Ocala, Florida women’s health providers at M. DelCharco Jr., MD, LLC, we provide quality postpartum care.

Postpartum Care Q & A

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What is postpartum care?

Postpartum care refers to care you receive after giving birth. The type of care you require may vary depending on the childbirth method. Instructions may be different for a woman who has a natural vaginal delivery versus one who had a Cesarean delivery.

While the time after you have your baby is exciting and emotionally fulfilling, it’s also essential to care for yourself physically and mentally. New mothers must get adequate rest, minimize activity, abstain from sexual intercourse for four to six weeks, and manage a range of health conditions common after childbirth. It’s important to follow your healthcare provider's advice carefully in order to recover fully.

Why is postpartum care important?

Taking good care of yourself during this time can help you successfully overcome or adjust to the demands of being a new mother—whether it’s your first child or third. In addition to looking after your own physical and emotional health, postpartum care will also be directed at educating you on how to care for a newborn and function as a family unit, if this is your first baby.

What is involved during the first weeks of postpartum care?

The first several weeks after childbirth consist of various physical changes, including afterpains (or contractions that occur after delivery), sore muscles, vaginal soreness, as well as breast discomfort and swelling, and the breasts begin to fill with milk. Those who undergo C-sections may experience lower abdominal pain for several weeks after delivery.

Additionally, many women may also experience “baby blues” after childbirth in which you feel sad. Some new mothers experience the blues to the extent that it interferes with her ability to care for herself or her baby in a condition known as postpartum depression. If a new mother doesn’t carefully follow her postpartum care plan as prescribed by her doctor, such as getting plenty of rest, good nutrition, and assistance with household and family responsibilities, complications may occur.

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